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2020-06-02 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

The omnichannel customer between physical and digital

June 10, 2020
Enterprise Hotel - Milano Corso Sempione 91, Milano
GMDE is a sponsor of the event "Brand Experience - The omnichannel customer between physical and digital" that will be held in Milan on June 10, 2020.

How to respond to all issues related to information management, to products and services proposed by companies, shared in an omnichannel strategy?
We will explain it to you during the speech "The behaviour of the omnichannel customer to 360°
Knowing what’s a Custom Data Platform (CDP) and what difference there is to a Customer Relationship (CRM) can make the difference in the relationship with the client. Combining multiple data sources and creating segments of interest are just two of the functionalities underlying a Custom Data Platform. The marketers, at the time of the omnichannel customer, cannot miss the opportunity to have a better view of the market and the opportunities created by the collection of valuable metrics such as site visits, marketing results and customer journey analysis."

Today the Brands must know to interact with the customer supplying an experience of purchase to the maximum levels on every present touch-point taking in consideration however the external conditioning to which every customer could be subject. The relationship with customers is in fact expressed through new languages and new tools, mainly dictated by the digital transformation that companies are implementing.
Thanks to the collection and analysis of data available through the new platforms used in omnichannel marketing strategies, companies can easily keep track of traditional and digital marketing strategies. The technology, at the base of the brand and customer experience, is the driving force in an increasingly digitally-enhanced world.

Customer Experience becomes Brand Experience

What allows the transformation from Customer Experience to Brand Experience is the union between emotion and rationalization in the interaction between the customer and the company.
The Brand Experience is not a simple customer service, but everything that the customer lives in his process of knowing the product and that conditions his choice to proceed with the purchase. The analysis of the customer’s experience, from the discovery phase to the purchase phase, makes it possible to raise the level of service offered and create a lasting relationship over time.

Satisfying and understanding

Which are the useful technologies and the fundamental strategies that the company must put in place to be of support during the customer journey?
First of all, create unforgettable shopping experiences. Leveraging the emotions of the consumer, guiding, inspiring, entertaining increase the perceived value and therefore the loyalty to the brand.
We are waiting for you! The event is free but prior registration.
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