Published on
June 22, 2022

Customer Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to support Marketing, Sales and Customer Care

Published on
2022-06-22 18:14:51

Second workshop of the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano

Today's companies, in order to remain present in the market, must adopt strategies to survive the competition and understand the needs of customers who change their opinions quickly, influenced by the communication channels available to them.

Customer Intelligence and Data Collection

Customer Intelligence is the tool that helps the company understand the customer in all its nuances. It gives the company the ability to collect data from a number of sources such as: e-mails, social networks, forums, etc.; by doing so, it is possible to draw a picture of the customer's needs, thereby optimising marketing strategies and improving business performance through targeted and winning decisions.

Thanks to Customer Intelligence, it is possible to create and monitor the customer lifecycle, which begins from the moment the customer is acquired and lasts throughout the relationship he or she has with the company, providing effective responses to different needs, anticipating expectations and preferences.

The company, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the customer, is ready to:
  • Understand the customer's value by building a customised interaction.
  • Predict the evolution of the relationship and the potential value in the future.
  • Design effective and non-dispersive sales strategies.

Advance Analytics and Data Analysis

Advance Analytics refers to the set of actions and tools enabling data analysis.
It collects data from all marketing channels and normalises them into a single view from which analytical results can be extracted that enable communication to develop winning strategies.
Advance Analytics answers questions such as:
  • Do the marketing initiatives used work? always and everywhere?
  • How do I compare my marketing activities with competitors?
  • Where do our competitors invest their budgets?
  • Are we spending time and money on the right channels?
  • How should we change our investment priorities for the year ahead?

Customer Intelligence and Advanced Analytics bring Data Driven to life!

Data Driven is an approach to communication that starts with the data made available by Customer Intelligence and analysed by Advanced Analytic, useful for companies to set their marketing strategy correctly.

Of strategic importance is to add a Data Management Platform DMP to the customer intelligence activities, which offers the company the possibility to implement the processes and technological changes necessary to establish an effective data governance strategy useful to face demanding information management challenges.



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