Conference "Customer Experience in B2B: on the starting blocks".

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2022-10-19 18:04:20
Elena Ariberti

Conference presenting the results of research carried out on a sample of companies operating in B2B

The Final Conference of the Working Table on Customer Experience in B2B of the Digital Innovation Observatories was held today, 19 October, entitled "Customer Experience in B2B: on the starting blocks". 

GMDE, one of the partners of the Observatories and of the Working Table, participated in the round table dedicated to comments on the results of the research with Carlo Caporizzi CEO & Digital Innovation Strategist, talking about the importance of managing and sharing product information.

"The best product is the product that the customer finds at the moment they are looking for it" - Carlo Caporizzi CEO & Digital Innovation Strategist at GMDE.

Maturity of Italian companies, current status

The Observatory analyzed Italian companies based on two factors: the relationship established with the customer (from a transactional relationship to a collaborative one) and the technological infrastructure (how to collect customer data, the technologies used, how to analyze the data and how to exploit them).

The results determined that Italian companies in the B2B world can be defined as:
  • Unequipped and/or immature companies (They do not have investments in digitalization, they are PMI, and they operate mainly in Italy They have little vision on the customer, reduced collaboration, basic technological tools, and little information collected. Sectors: accommodation and hotels, transport and assembly);
  • Technology companies (Medium investments in digitisation, medium/large company size, market still Italian. Sectors: finance and utilities);
  • companies in transition (Low investments in technology, Italian target market. Companies very different in nature and size);
  • equipped companies (Good investments in digitalisation, medium-large companies, target market more international. Better customer approach than other companies. Insurance and financial sectors more represented).
The research determined that 6% of companies are not equipped while 24% of those are already active.


GMDE partner of the Observatories

GMDE is proud to have taken part in the Working Table research. Continuous discussion and dialogue enable our company to grow and thus offer our customers and Italian companies unparalleled support and knowledge on innovation issues.
The appointments with the Observatories continue in 2023. 

GMDE will be a partner of the Observatories:


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