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August 3, 2018

Maximum integration between all the communication channels

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2018-08-03 00:00:00

To give the end consumer a truly cross-purchase experience across all configured channels

Today almost all companies reach customers through two main channels, the card and the web. The web above all, allows users to have constantly updated information on products and services. It also allows us to meet the consumer's path of purchase, which has changed profoundly in recent years: the focus is no longer exclusively on the actual purchase, but the comparison and evaluation of the products fully fall into the customer experience. The cabinet, not least, is in addition to traditional publishing channels to complete the picture of omnichannel where social, but especially video and digital signage, have not yet taken into account.


Optimize communication

Despite the data speak of a future of communication set on video storytelling, still today many companies are grappling with the reorganization of information and therefore lagging behind the possibilities of using these tools. This leads to waste precious time that could be used to think about developing new types of customer interaction.


As already mentioned, information about products and services within the company is often confusing and redundant. Small and large businesses, therefore, have to face problems of varying difficulty linked to this type of inefficiency that can, unfortunately, damage the organization of work and production. On the other hand, if the management of internal information is problematic, this inevitably affects the configured channels of a publication whose users are precisely the customers. The processes that are most at the centre of these problems are undoubtedly those in which corporate marketing operates. Being the fulcrum between the company and the consumer, it is inundated with information intended for the sale of products or services that must be filtered, adapted and communicated in the correct way considering the highest profit possible as a goal.

GMDE, thanks to 25 years of experience in information management, is able to provide the solution that meets all the issues related to publication omnichannel. Reducing the time to market and reducing the error are just two of the many results That the proposal GMDE Allows to Achieve. The proposed solution is modular, flexible and adaptable to reality. It can be a single repository of information, ordered, checked and always updated. The data, correctly organized, are easily republished in every existing company. Integrable with the management systems present in the company, it allows converging into obsolete methods such as the classic email or the use of FTP.

Among the functionalities that the GMDE solution proposes there are also: a flexible data model , created after an in-depth analysis by GMDE technicians assisted by the company staff involved, which takes into account all the real business needs, the management of the multilingual , allowing the staff responsible for translation exclusive access to the parts to be translated, a digital archive , in which to organize all the corporate digital assets tagged and complete with versioning of the assets. Ability to configure countless channels of publication in addition to the classic web and paper, constantly updated to minimize time to market. Any person within the company can have access to the platform based on their role and usage permits. This allows you to monitor every operation carried out, from the modification of the data, to their publication on the company channels. It should also be emphasized that the data included in the platform meet all the security requirements according to the recent GDPR.


The experience of GMDE, gained within the major Italian editors, both daily and periodic, and alongside the operators of the press- centres have led to the awareness of being able to support companies in the management and communication of information.


An added value

As for publishing, where the development of different communication channels has made it necessary a centralized management of information, so companies must also work to make published data consistent, reducing the possibility of error. Publish in a timely manner the information related to the products present in the company on all the configured communication channels (website, paper catalogue, app and video for example) is an operation that involves a great waste of time and a high risk of error. GMDE offers its support both to companies that have already started their digital transformation both those who are still evaluating how and what to do to make their change as painless as possible. The GMDE proposal begins with a careful analysis of the current company situation, useful for understanding the phases of the introduction of the solution, integrating automation into the company's work processes without interrupting daily operations and without creating additional work for the operators involved. during the implementation of the project itself. The added value of GMDE is also to support companies during the integration of new solutions until they are put into production and, subsequently, adequate assistance for any need.




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