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2020-04-30 10:29:40

Telegram and Google, the solution

As part of the work that the government is carrying out for the publishing sector, defined as "Cantiere Editoria 5.0", Andrea Martella, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Board with delegation to Publishing, said "At a time when the information system is being called upon to play a public service role, we must all the more defend the entire press chain from losses due to illegal practices".
There is in fact in definition a "hard line against the pirates of newspapers" and also of "new measures of support to the publishing", with to the study the increase of the reductions for who invests in advertising spaces and the search engines that soon in Italy will pay the rights to the publishers.

In addition to support measures, new legal instruments to combat piracy and the illegal distribution of copies of newspapers, Martella explained that it is "working on a package of proposals concerning the tax credit for the card but also for innovation and digital. The goal is to try to give an overview to deal with this dramatic crisis. Publishing 5.0 remains, however, our reference paradigm for a system reform that after 40 years innovates the sector".

The plague Telegram

Andrea Riffeser Monti, president of Fieg said he asked Agcom on behalf of the association "an exemplary and urgent measure of suspension of Telegram, based on an analysis of the increase in the illicit circulation of newspapers on the platform that, during the pandemic, reached levels intolerable for a rule of law".
In fact, there are ten monitored channels, dedicated exclusively to the illicit distribution of newspapers; 580 thousand total users and an increase of 88% of newspapers spread. Monitor also external platforms involved in bounce effects from Telegram. The FIEG estimated a loss for publishing companies of EUR 670 thousand per day.The production chain is thus a victim of this illegal practice. Publishers, journalists, printers, distributors, newsagents, all committed to ensuring information must be protected from these illegal practices.


GMDE has over the years discovered technologies that are now more important than ever for publishing. Publishing systems that can bring innovation not only in the management of omnichannel but also in editorial offices, reviewing roles and processes. Digital publication able to preserve the rights of publishers, going to identify through particular actions who disseminates the editions illegally.
These days GMDE is working and giving availability to those who want to find out more about its proposal to the publishing market. Contact us for information!



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