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2022-07-21 00:00:00

A new partner arrives at GMDE to ensure safe shopping for consumers

GMDE has formed a new partnership with Trusted Shops, the European leader in the certification of eCommerce quality and reliability.

Who is Trusted Shops and how it works

Trusted Shops is the European leader in certifying the quality and reliability of e-commerce and guarantees safe shopping for consumers. 

But what services does Trusted Shops offer to eCommerce? 

  • Certificate and Seal of Quality: a mark that is synonymous with trust for consumers received after constant evaluation according to precise criteria of quality and reliability. The certificate issued guarantees the authenticity of the seal of quality on the site.
  • Money Back Guarantee for Consumers: a money back guarantee agreement is made prior to purchase to provide the consumer with a 100% secure shopping experience.
  • Product reviews from customers: reviews are critical to the success of an online shop, Trusted Shops certifies the veracity of all of them on the site.

And the advantages of choosing Trusted Shops?

Ecommerce shops that choose to obtain Trusted Shops certification have numerous advantages such as:
  • Increased traffic: Trusted Shops being a partner of Google, forwards the reviews received from users directly to the search engine by showing them in organic search views. In addition, the same reviews can be shown in Google Ads and on Google Shopping.
  • Increased conversions: more often than not, the user's feeling of trust created through real and guaranteed reviews prompts the user to make a purchase, thanks also to the seal of quality that represents an element of guarantee and trust for those visiting an eCommerce store.
  • Customer loyalty: customers like the feeling of being listened to and of contributing to improving services and product quality through the possibility of leaving reviews, which is why Trusted Shops has created the Trustbadge function, which allows the request for a review to be sent automatically to the customer after the purchase, involving them more and creating a direct dialogue



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