Published on
November 8, 2023
Giuliana Dusi

Corriere dell'Umbria, of Arezzo and Siena in production with GN4

Published on
November 8, 2023
Giuliana Dusi

The editorial system replaces the previous one and optimizes implementation time

Stesso giornale, nuova proprietà


Corriere dell'Umbria is an independent daily newspaper that is the progenitor of a series of local newspapers that are part of the Corriere Group; currently Corriere dell'Umbria, Corriere di Arezzo and Corriere di Siena.

As of Jan. 1, 2023, it is headed by Sergio Casagrande, one of the paper's founding journalists. Since Sept. 11, 2023, every Monday is published with a pink-colored insert inside devoted entirely to local and national sports of 28-40 pages and with the counter-header "Sport del Lunedì."

Since Jan. 1, 2022, it has been owned by Polimedia srl, a company headed by the Polidori family of Città di Castello (Cepu, eCampus and iLink University), which bought the Corriere Group from the Angelucci family with only the newspapers Corriere dell'Umbria, Corriere di Arezzo, Corriere di Siena and Corriere di Maremma.

The newspaper and the editorial staff

The newspaper comes out on newsstands in three editions:
- UMBRIA (Perugia) 56 pgg - Sunday on Monday 64 pgg (ample space for sports)
- AREZZO 32 pgg
- SIENA 32 pgg

The newspapers focus more on local news than national news, this is because they are very much linked to the local area.
Three monthly inserts are also produced along with the newspaper: iM-iMotori, vB-via Bacco and iV-i Viaggi del Corriere.
Vertical pages inserted into the newspaper's foliation are then produced. Among them:
- Palio - always present throughout the year with pages and agenda of the contrade, and during the PALIO period (July August) extensive coverage especially photographic
- Joust of the Saracen
- Quintana
The in-house editorial staff consists of about 31 Editors and 3 Polygraphers. The paper also employs 3 professional photographers to cover both sports and custom events

GMDE and news in the newsroom

One of the changes given by the change of ownership was the decision to change the editorial production system of the masthead. GMDE, already involved in this project for the provision of the digital pager, proposed GN4 from Naviga's suite. After a period of system configuration, useful for structuring the graphical elements of the paper's pages and creating the editorial staff's roles for proper content generation, the paper was produced entirely with the new editorial system yesterday, November 7.
Not only that. The editorial staff, given the optimization of the newspaper's layout time, also produced the new SCUOLA insert, which will continue publication until the end of teaching (May/June).

Completing GMDE's implementation of the editorial system is the integration with the helm already in use at the editorial office.





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