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2021-01-05 15:23:32
Giuliana Dusi

A PIM solution proposed by GMDE for the production of paper materials

A Product Information Management to meet the needs of IMAS Graphics. Needs for data management of products very different from each other and catalogue production.

Each product sold by IMAS Grafica has an information structure completely different from the others. 
The general catalogue of IMAS Grafica, ranging from consumables to machinery, therefore had always needed a long time to be produced, while today it is quickly realized thanks to the layout of the data directly to the MDM.

Who is IMAS Grafica

IMAS Grafica is a national importer and distributor of products and equipment for Screen Printing, Decoration, Digital Printing and Plastics. 
Thanks to the continuous research and collaboration with the most prestigious companies in the sector, IMAS Grafica is able to offer the best solutions for technologies and services. 
The company, founded in 1975 as national exclusivist of Sericol LTD, became in 1991 Mactac distributor for the carving market and later also for digital printing products. Therefore, IMAS Grafica has always offered high-quality products from the main national and international brands, for many of which it is Italian exclusivist.


Needs & challenge

IMAS was looking for a software solution able to centrally manage product information by integrating them with enrichments such as product images and related documentation and to support multi-channel communication.

The platform should not only integrate information with product assets, manage multilingual information and online price lists, but optimize the production of all printable documentation. Last but not least, the platform should have been powered directly by the company ERP that still plays a central role in the life cycle of a product.



The proposed solution consists in the adoption of OIM - Omnichannel Information Management, the GMDE platform based on the Pimcore framework. OIM, a useful tool for managing and organizing product data, is populated directly by the ERP. 
The data, once organized and enriched, are directed to both digital distribution (online catalogue, newsletter and social) and to Adobe Indesign for automated document and printable creation.



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