Published on
November 3, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

The digital content scenario: supply chain, market and consumers

Published on
2020-11-03 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Closing Conference of the Digital Content Observatory

November 5, 2020
online - su

online - su

The Digital Content Observatory of Politecnico di Milano wants to understand the strategies, trends and opportunities of the digital content market. The Observatory’s research aims to:
  • to define "digital content" and study the evolution of business models associated with it;
  • to map and describe the digital content chain and identify innovative trends that will characterize the sector;
  • to analyse the behaviour of end-users in the use of digital content and understand the underlying reasons, with a particular focus on the new generations (Z and α);
  • to quantify the digital content market in its main categories: Information & News, Video Entertainment, Music, Gaming;
  • to study the associated copyright market and analyse the implications of regulatory developments in this regard.

The closing conference

Technological progress, the spread of better connectivity and the pervasiveness of digital have profoundly changed the content market.
Whether it is information or entertainment content (music, gaming, film/tv), their digital use is constantly increasing, with consumption patterns totally different from a few years ago.
A phenomenon of transformation that has intensified with the pandemic and that seems to continue vigorously. In particular, during the lockdown we saw the launch of new initiatives, new offers and experiments, as well as an interesting position of the contents of esports with new models and opportunities to seize.
The 2020 Research Results Conference of the Digital Content Observatory, promoted by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, presents in detail a photograph of the digital content market in Italy with the aim of outlining its evolution with a critical eye.
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