Published on
March 6, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

What is a DAM Digital Asset Management?

Published on
2020-03-06 17:23:32
Giuliana Dusi

Know it to make the most of it

Before you know and understand what a Digital Asset Management is (from now on, DAM) you need to be clear about what digital assets are.

Assets, or digital resources, are individual or corporate-owned files that are stored digitally by the owners to be reused in possible subsequent stages. They are called assets because their value is higher than any digital file. They can be images, logos, presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, videos...

So what does it mean to manage these resources?

So what is a DAM? Digital Asset Management is the set of actions needed for the complete management of assets. This includes, for example, organizing assets in folders, giving them the correct nomenclature, being sure that the correct rights of use are applied, sharing resources with authorized people, and more.

What are the benefits of a DAM?

There are multiple benefits from using a DAM, ranging from proven time savings on finding a particular resource to centralizing an archive to which everyone can and must contribute.
The general then, benefits may include:

- Space

You no longer have to worry about where the resources are and how much space they can occupy on personal Pcs. Having a DAM is something to give a "home" to all the digital material that an individual or a company owns, a "home" that according to the needs can expand without limits.

- Creation and collaboration

A good DAM gives the opportunity to share the progress of a project among the people involved who can in turn give and receive comments on each resource related. Thanks to Apis and plugins, the DAM can be integrated with existing systems.

- Ease

Metadata and tags are new properties that if properly associated with resources allow you to easily find what you are looking for in a digital archive that contains millions of resources. Metadata and tags also facilitate sharing between internal and external users who choose to use a DAM for their digital archive.

- Publishing

Since the goal of a DAM is to manage resources easily and without interruption, it includes the ability to publish resources on external systems such as CMS, MDM, PIM and E-commerce.

- Security

Last but not least the security of having full control over resources.



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