Omnichannel Self-Assessment Maturity Model

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2022-04-08 17:50:22

Primo incontro di Advisory Board

On Tuesday 05/04 the first Advisory Board meeting was held: "Omnichannel Self-Assessment Maturity Model".
The meeting focused on a precise objective: the definition and validation of the Omnichannel Self-Assessment Maturity Model, i.e. a model capable of assessing the strengths and areas for improvement of a company in the development of a concrete omnichannel strategy.

Main activities:

We at GMDE took part in two working groups, focusing on two topics that the observatory identifies as ocx execution:
  • Marketing: in this group, four macro variables were addressed: customer base analysis and planning, customer journey mapping, content management and campaign value.
  • Sales: with respect to the multichannel sales dimension, four phases were identified, divided into analysis, planning, front-end activities and back-end activities.
Download the infographic with the OCX 2021 research results


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