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February 19, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE partner of Digital Innovation Observatories

Published on
2020-02-19 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano dedicated to research and innovation

Digital Innovation Observatories

The Digital Innovation Observatories of Politecnico di Milano were born in 1999 with the aim of making culture in all the main areas of Digital Innovation. Today they are a qualified point of reference on Digital Innovation in Italy that integrates research, communication and continuous updating precisely because Digital Innovation is an essential factor for the development of the country.

The mission of the Observatories is to produce and disseminate knowledge on the opportunities and impacts that digital technologies have on businesses, public administrations and citizens, through interpretative models based on solid empirical evidence and independent spaces of comparison, pre-competitive and long-lasting, which aggregate the supply and demand of Digital Innovation in Italy.

GMDE has chosen to actively participate in this initiative of the Politecnico di Milano, will then be present as a partner of the Observatories "Omnichannel Customer Experience" and "Digital Content".

Omnichannel Customer Experience

The Observatory, now in its fourth edition, aims to support companies in understanding the potential offered by an omni-channel approach, providing some ideas and guidelines on how to implement it concretely, overcoming the barriers present, and identifying use cases, concrete benefits and measurement systems to support such strategies.
The basic assumption is that the number of multichannel consumers is now so high and their behaviour so diverse that it is important for all companies to define a strategy of relationship with omnichannel and data-driven customers.

Digital Content

The Digital Content Observatory aims to contribute to a better knowledge of the digital content market, the opportunities offered and the main trends in progress, through an open and constructive discussion with the actors involved, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the development of the market and promoting its proper communication.
The Research aims to support the players in the sector in understanding the different dynamics and in the formulation of strategies useful for the different actors throughout the supply chain, in particular with regard to the news sectors, of music, video entertainment and gaming. Research will address a number of key issues, such as the creation of different digital products, their monetisation and dissemination, ownership and management of rights, consumer behaviour, and the quantification of the market. These aspects will be developed through a course of in-depth workshops, exclusive to the supporters of the Observatory, and then end with a public event at the end of 2020.

For more information --> Digital Innovation Observatories


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