Omnichannel Customer Experience: the future is now

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2020-11-27 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory Closing Conference

November 30, 2020
online - su Osservatori.net

online - su Osservatori.net

The Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory, now in its fourth edition, wants to understand the potential offered to companies by an omnichannel approach. For all companies, it is now vital to define an omnichannel and data-driven customer relationship strategy.

The Observatory’s research aims to:
  • develop case studies related to the implementation of omnichannel strategies taking into account different business sectors and functions;
  • identify concrete benefits and a possible performance measurement system;
  • study organizational models and deepen approaches to technology within companies;
  • analyze the technological evolution in continuity with the analyses carried out in the previous editions of the Observatory;
  • Developing an OCX model self-assessment maturity that supports companies in the self-assessment of their omnichannel strategy
  • identify the degree of maturity of Italian companies in the strategic approach to Omnichannel Customer Experience Management.

The closing conference

The current year has put even more in the spotlight the key role of digital channels in the purchasing process and customer relations. The proliferation of contact points, however, requires them to be properly integrated and to be consistent in the experience offered to consumers, as well as to provide adequate training for the company’s staff.
The Conference of presentation of the results will take stock of the situation on the ability of Italian companies to know their customers and offer them an omnichannel and personalized experience. 
The main organizational models will be illustrated focusing on the transformations required in marketing, sales and customer care to manage processes in a truly omnichannel way.

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