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September 2, 2018

The future of daily publishing

Published on
2018-09-02 00:00:00

Three useful ideas to innovate the reader's journey

Last week Ediland Meeting was staged, the event organized by IFRA Italy dedicated to the daily information market. As every year, it was an opportunity for publishers and printers to discuss the future of daily publishing.

During its working days, interesting houses were presented regarding news related to new business models, such as rethinking the contents in a more oriented towards the real needs of readers or proposing targeted topics on certain days of the week. Two useful hints to publishers to take the road to a change in the editorial proposal that in recent years has not stood out for novelty and differentiation.

Can the same news presented in several newspapers have penalized editorial quality? Maybe in some cases yes. When the same news is shared on social media, the lack of captivating content and personalization by the journalist comes out.

Of course, the paper will always remain, we do not tire of saying, a timeless communication channel. It must, however, become a point of support for the digital channel.

Digital publishing

So what is the news in the digital market that can somehow make the difference for a publisher who wants to satisfy his readers more and more? Here are three ideas that could be a starting point for an innovative reader’s journey!

Video trailer

Video content will be the master, has already been estimated for some years the exponential growth of video content production. 
From short duration, shareable on multiple channels, appealing. These are the main features that a video with a secure multimedia impact must-have. 
Here is the technology of video story-telling meets the publishing. 
An article, a dossier, a section of the newspaper told through a video can capture the attention of readers, especially the younger ones, and create interest. That then the creation of these videos don't need special skills if not the ability to combine texts with images, well … it’s another story.

Reader’s journey

How often do we buy the newspaper and immediately look for the section that interests us most? How many times do we open the homepage of our favourite magazine and then immediately click on the most congenial section for us? Personalization, a word that will characterize the future of digital readers. 
But the future can be anticipated, we must anticipate. Because of the personalization of communications, the newsletters precisely, and content can make a difference in the eyes of readers. 
In this era when publishers know all about their readers, who they are and what they are interested in, proposing targeted content is the way to satisfy the reader’s journey of each of them.

Sentiment Analysis

Interaction, another interesting word that in recent years has created new connections between journalists, readers and opinion leaders. 
Possible connections in digital, where articles are shared, appreciated and commented. 
But what is the added value that can be obtained from the interpretation of millions of comments related to a piece of news, both positive and/or negative? First of all the knowledge of the real public opinion, of the voice of the people. A more in-depth analysis of popular sentiment can certainly help to “straighten out” difficult situations and understand who, in the network scenario, is able to influence users.

As mentioned before, these are just some of the new technologies that can support ideas of change and innovation useful for the Italian daily editorial scene. 
The publishing industry has not changed over the years, but readers do it very quickly. There is still a whole slice of the market, the so-called Generation X and Y, which must be captured but to do so we must use instruments born with these generations. 
Good job then to those who already know how to innovate!



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